Boemar Manufacturing was established to ensure the highest quality of products & standards were offered to our commercial clients nationally.  This division integrates comprehensive management initiatives, diversified expertise and advanced technology to continually enhance the development of our one-of-a-kind proprietary products and systems.

As a result, we believe we have created one of the most qualified Manufacturing teams nationwide.  Our specialists have combined what has proven successful in the commercial field and have integrated it with our unique research & development expertise resulting in a diverse range of ingenious alternatives for the retail consumer.

We have further determined through experience that in order to consistently deliver the optimum quality of standards in which our commercial clients have come to trust, it is vital to be exceptionally self-reliant, while seamlessly administering, monitoring and adhering to all aspects of our meticulous process & fundamental management initiatives.

The majority of these initiatives were designed to support our R&D division and its proprietary product lines, while simultaneously analyzing/developing new products, to address the concerns of consumers searching for viable solutions. Occasionally, we endeavored into more extensive research within specific niche disciplines and the strategic collaboration with corporate alliance partners offered unparalleled results.

The manufacturing of innovative products derived from consumer challenges has always been and will continue to be, an instrumental component of Boemar’s core business.  We to our credit, have built a dynamic team of invaluable people, who advantageously make up our world of continuous ingenuity.